Friday, December 19, 2014

So Much Work

I worked from 8:30 until 18:15 today. It was pretty rough, but we got a lot accomplished. As it turns out, our project might actually be cooler than we initially planned, so that's nice. We had pretty productive meetings and brainstorming sessions most of the morning, then this afternoon I worked on getting some of our infrastructure set up. Overall, a good day.

Tomorrow, we are going wine tasting to the west of Santiago. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the countryside. I haven't left the city since we arrived. We also get some kind of fancy dinner as part of the tour, so that will be interesting as well.

Short post today, so I will leave you with a picture of the upside-down restaurant. It is one of those rotating restaurants on top of a building, but the ceiling has mirrors on it so you can see the tops of the diners heads. Very weird. You might have to zoom in.

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