Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nose to the Grindstone

I finally got to spend a full day working today. We went over to the co-working space around 9am and came home around 5:30pm. So a solid day. Or whatever. For those of you who care, I spent most of the day writing Java. I must say that it has come a long way since just a few years ago. I actually found the experience to be quite pleasant. Though, I think this is partially explained by my growing appreciation for statically typed languages.

More exciting were the places I got to explore. On the way home Will and I stopped by the Lider, a medium-size grocery store. It is in an underground shopping center attached to the metro station near our apartment. The place actually looks a bit like a set from a Star Trek episode, I should post a picture at some point.

This evening, Jen and I went for a walk. We visited all six or seven (I can't remember) floors in the local mall. So many stores. The top floor is literally the largest food court I have ever seen. Basically every American chain is represented, along with dozens of things I'd never heard of. The other floors were as-expected, lots and lots of stores. There are quite a few stores that sell hiking and camping gear, which was kind of cool to see. Chileans also appear to love their consumer electronics and computers.

In other news, it was pretty clear today (smog is an issue here) so the view from our balcony was quite nice. Hence, I braved the balcony (very scary) to take a couple photos, the best one of which is above.

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