Sunday, January 4, 2015

Super hot

The weather lately has been hot. Very hot. Not quite as bad as the midwestern US since there is very little humidity here, but still hot. Jen and I have been going for walks in the evenings since it gets quite cool at night, usually in the 50s or low 60s. Tonight we wandered down a nearby street lined with apartment buildings and a few offices. I took a couple neat pictures I thought I would share.

I don't know much about this building, but it looks like it might be a church or community center of some kind. Either way, it is very pretty. It is on Nueva Providencia a few blocks from our apartment.

Just after I took the photos above, I noticed that you could see the Costanera Center (tallest building in South America) down the street. It looks pretty cool in the sunset. This is Nueva Providencia looking east.

This is Pedro de Valdivia street, looking south. For whatever reason this street is completely lined with beautiful shade trees (for at least a mile) all of which are lit up, I would guess for the holidays. It is really beautiful. We walked pretty far down this street the other night. There are at least three or four universities along Pedro de Valdivia and many of their buildings are quite pretty, both old and new.

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